• 3-D laser scanning and 3-D modelling – (Completed surveys)
  • building interior measurements and preparation of record drawings – (Completed surveys)
  • bridge and road surveying
  • high-precision surveys of industrial equipment (LaserTracker)


  • geodetic surveys on construction sites
  • utility surveys and production of as-built drawings – (Completed surveys)
  • construction of high-precision 3-D networks at industrial and production facilities
  • deformation investigations / settlement observation – (Completed surveys)
  • geodetic surveys related to railway construction – (Completed surveys)
  • Compilation of 3-D models for automated machinery



  • cadastral surveying, boundary points checking and pegging-out – (Completed surveys)
  • preparation of detailed plans
  • geological and geotechnical investigations
  • engineering geology investigations




Laser scanners:
Leica ScanStation C10, Trimble TX5

Total stations:
High-precision – Trimble S8 Robotic HP (1”), Trimble S9 DR HP Robotic (1”)
Precise – Trimble S7 DRPlus Robotic Vision (2”), Trimble S6 DRPlus Robotic (3”), Trimble S5 DRPlus Active Tracking (2”) – 2 sets, Leica TCRA703, Leica TS16 P 2″ R1000

Trimble GPS R8 GNSS mudel 3, Trimble GPS R8 GNSS mudel S – 2 sets

Levelling instruments:
Digital levels – Trimble Dini 0.3 and Zeiss DiNi21
Zeiss Ni020A, Sokkisha C330

Cable locators:
C.Scope set (MXL locator and MXT generator) x 2
Geodetic accessories – tripods, prisms and the like by Trimble and Leica



Server and operating system software:
MS Small Business-Server 2011 Essentials 25 licenses, 20 licenses Windows 10

Graphics software:

5 licenses AutoCAD 2017 Standard Edition NLM, 1 license AutoCAD Civil 3D Premium Edition 2017 SLM, 1 license AutoCAD Civil 3D Premium Edition 2017 NLM, 1 license AutoCAD Building Design Suite Premium Edition 2017 NLM (Revit), 1 license AutoCAD Building Design Suite Standard Edition 2017, Leica Cyclone, Leica CloudWorks, Trimble Scene, Trimble RealWorks.