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Koostöö ja vastutustundlik suhtumine aitavad ettevõttel kriisist tervena väljuda

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Rahvusvaheline krediidiinformatsiooni ettevõte AS Creditinfo Eesti tunnistab, et Geo S.T. OÜ on andnud oma panuse Eesti majanduse arengusse ja ausasse ärikultuuri ning saavutanud 2019. aasta majandusandmete põhjal reitingu A (HEA).

Creditinfo Reiting on ettevõttele antav hinnang, mis määratakse majandus-, finants- ja maksekommete koondhindena.

GEO S.T. OÜ on jätkuvalt AA tasemel krediidireitinguga ettevõte!

Oleme uhked, et viimase majandusaasta aruande põhjal on ettevõttele GEO S.T. OÜ arvestatud krediidireiting, mis on kõrgel AA tasemel.
AA reiting on väga hea tulemus, seda omab vaid 6,8% Eesti ettevõtetest.

(eesti) Geo S.T. OÜ-le väljastati uus ISO sertifikaat standardi ISO 9001:2015 alusel

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3-D scanning of a concrete composite modular house as part of the BIM cave research project at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences

Geo S.T. OÜ made its contribution to surveys for the modular house completed as part of the BIM cave research project at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences.


The concrete composite modular house built by Kodasema OÜ is a 2-storey residential building measuring approximately 3×7 m.


The purpose of the 3-D scanning of the modular house was:

  1. to create a practical model of the building by scanning it and compare this to the existing BIM design model
  2. to create a practical model of the building using tacheometer measurement and compare this to the practical model created based on the scan.


The results of the project will later be covered in the TTK University of Applied Sciences Construction Geodesy thesis works.

Geo S.T. OÜ’s surveyors on the international OFFSHORE project MOHO-NORD

Since May 2015, Geo S.T. OÜ has been involved in the production of oil rig components. The title of the project is MOHO-NORD and the end client for the work is the fuel producer TOTAL of France. This is Geo S.T.’s first so-called OFFSHORE project. The oil rig will be erected in the seas off the coast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. The content of the work is 3-D control during the entire production and installation process. The works are being carried out at Mäntyluoto, Republic of Finland, in a metal element production factory belonging to Technip Finland


As the deadline of the project is short and the nature of the work complicated, geodesists work in two shifts.

By today already 3 Geo S.T. geodesists are involved in the project.

Of geodetic instruments, Leica Industrial series tachymeters (TDA5000, TDA5005 and TDRA 6000) and accurate industrial indication kits are being used. The software used is Leica Axys and Spatial Analyzer.


This project should be completed within this year. At the same time two new projects have started in parallel with the ongoing project and the work should also continue next year.

Summer Seminar, Association of Estonian Surveyors

The Association of Estonian Surveyors invites its members, colleagues and friends to attend the Summer Seminar of the Association of Estonian Surveyors at Barto Guest House from 4 to 5 September 2015.

For further information visit: või

Source: Association of Estonian Surveyors

A training day on 3-D laser scanning was held for surveyors studying at Kehtna School of Economics and Technology.

The laser scanning training day included a presentation discussing various types of 3-D laser scanners, precision, file formats, several options for point cloud processing and the target group of consumers for the service, with the final section providing a thorough overview of the more exciting surveys completed by OÜ Geo S.T.

In addition, the Leica C10 and Trimble TX5 laser scanners used by OÜ Geo S.T. and their accessories were shown on-site. Sample scanning and point cloud registration performed. All those interested were able to try out the instruments.



Our equipment base has been augmented with a new Trimble TX5 scanner, in addition to the Leica C10 scanner.

The first surveys have been completed, and the first impressions are very good. Trimble TX5 is a light, precise and very fast scanner enabling measurement at rates as high as 1 million points per second. Maximum measurement distance 120 m.

By combining the two scanners, we are now able to execute various laser scanning project much more efficiently.

Trimble-TX5-laser-scanner (2)

Tartu Upper Secondary School for Adults and Pärnu L. Koidula Upper Secondary School, performance of 3D laser scanning commissioned by State Real Estate Ltd

From June to September 2013, scanning was carried out at Tartu Upper Secondary School for Adults and Pärnu L. Koidula Upper Secondary School undergoing reconstruction. Between the two school buildings, there was approximately 15,000 square metres of scanned floor area. On the surface scanned, the minimum point density ranged 2×2 cm. Scanning resulted in 3D models of the two school buildings using the Autodesk® Revit® program; additionally, floor layouts, sections and views of the building were prepared.

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